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The Che Cafe Is Under Attack!

On May 1, 2014, University Centers Director Sharon van Bruggen called the Che Cafe into a meeting. She had a "proposal": the Che building would be closed at the end of the school year and the Che Cafe Collective would become a "booking agent," hosting shows at the on-campus bar Porter's Pub. Sharon claimed that the Che Cafe building was dangerous and unoccupiable without renovations and that UCSD could not afford to pay for these renovations.

The University Centers Advisory Board (UCAB), was going to vote on this proposal in less than two weeks, on May 13. Thanks to all of our efforts, they have tabled the decision for more discussion until next week. If you haven't already, please sign the petition right away!

Support the Che Cafe! Updated!

UCAB will be meeting again on May 23rd. Learn more about this and other ways you could support the Che Cafe!

Thankyou Community for Showing UCAB How Much We Care About the Che!

Love and solidarity to all the Che's supporters!

The UCAB meeting on May 13 was an enormous success! A hundred+ supporters turned out to tell UCAB how much the Che Cafe meant to them. Read more about it (with photos!) here.

The Facts About The Che's Facilities Situation:

The truth is simple: this is an orchestrated attack on the Che Cafe! University Centers Director Sharon Van Bruggen has trumped up some excuse to close the Che Cafe just because the UCSD administration doesn't like what the Che does and doesn't want to fulfill its obligations as a landlord to provide maintenance to the building.

You can let Sharon know what you think by emailing her at svanbruggen@ucsd.edu. And make sure you sign the petition if you haven't already!

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