Know Your Rights legal training, Friday; updates

This e-blast was sent to the C.H.E. Cafe’s new supporters’ email list on Tuesday, October 28, 2014.


Dear Friends of the C.H.E. Cafe,

This email is to provide you with a quick update on the C.H.E. Cafe in light of the UCSD administration’s recent legal attack and attempt to evict the Collective from the space.

As you are well-aware, the C.H.E. Cafe (originally, “Cheap, Healthy Eats”) (the “Che”) has been a student-run, cooperative, all-ages, sober café, venue, and creative space on the campus of UCSD since 1980. For thirty-four years, the Che has promoted socially-conscious thought, hosted new ideas, musicians, and artists, and nurtured the DIY (do it yourself) spirit. It has allowed people of all ages to experience culture and diversity in a positive, progressive, safe environment. In this way it has become an iconic, historical space in San Diego.

As you may also know, UCSD filed an eviction notice to shut down the Che. Last week, a judge ruled for the University, giving it the right to proceed with a lockout. Contrary to what the University expected, the Che, its community, and its supporters are not going to fold. The attempted eviction has spurred us into action and we are asking you to join us in continuing this fight. Some examples of the exciting things happening now are below.

This morning, a Save the Che rally of 100 people met and marched to give the University chancellor a copy of the petition that you and 14,000 other people signed. The chancellor was not available to take them, and we promised that if we don’t hear from him in a week, we’ll be back. Further details on further protests will be available in the near future.

Tomorrow, 10/29/14, at 8:45 a.m. in Judge Bacal’s court room, 330 W. Broadway (downtown San Diego), Department 69, the Collective’s attorney will present a challenge to the court’s ruling, a proposed statement of decision, and the evidence relied on. Please come to court if you can. Like all our court cases, the more people we have to represent us, the better. Please remember to dress appropriately for court.

Tomorrow evening, UCSD’s Associated Students will vote on a proposed resolution to support the Che Cafe. Like the court date, we would be greatly helped by a demonstration of support.. The meeting is at 6:00 pm on the fourth floor of the Price Center on the UCSD campus. Following that meeting, we will be having a show at the Che Cafe. Having a fun time in the space is as much a part of the struggle as anything, and we invite anyone supportive of the Che to come party.

This Friday, October 31st (exact time TBA, but likely starting at 3:00 p.m.), there will be a know-your-rights workshop by civil rights attorney and USD law professor Alex Landon to provide training and information to those of us who will engage in more protests and civil disobedience to stop the Che’s eviction. Frankly, the UC has already demonstrated that they’re willing to fight dirty in their efforts to shut down the Che, and we want to ensure that everyone is informed and empowered if the UC continues to exert their power at our expense. We will likely be holding a legal observer training that day as well, if you would like to learn how to be an effective witness when there is a protest/civil disobedience action.

Various other actions and fundraisers are planned, so please stay tuned! If you are unable to come out in person, please consider lending your support with a letter, email, or phone call to the administration (links below), and/or making a donation (link also below). We also greatly appreciate your comments, re-tweets, blogs, likes, words of encouragement, agit-prop ideas, and any other actions in solidarity!

Thank you for helping to ensure that the Che Cafe can continue to entertain, feed, and inspire people as it has for 34 years!

For more information and to lend your support, please go to:

In Solidarity,

The Che Cafe Collective
You are receiving this email because you signed our petition to support the Che Cafe Collective in its current struggle. We thank you for your continued support.

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Student and Community Outrage Following the UCSD Administration’s Legal Attack on the Historic CHE Café


The Collective and Its Supporters Vow to Save the CHE:
Rally and March at UCSD on Tuesday, October 28, 10:00 a.m.

LA JOLLA – Tuesday, October 28, 10:00 a.m., – rally and march from the C.H.E. Café to the UCSD Chancellor’s office to personally deliver 14,000-signature petitions and open letters* demanding that UCSD stop the eviction actions against the C.H.E. Cafe, restore basic building maintenance funding, and order his administration to return to the negotiation table. Students and alumni are seeing the UCSD administration’s attack upon the C.H.E. Cafe as the opening salvo in a new war against all of the student-run campus cooperatives. The four campus co-ops share the same Master Space Agreement lease terms with UCSD. All four co-ops have been unable to get the administration to negotiate terms for an extension of the lease, since 2008. In the courtroom, lawyers for UCSD painted the picture that the lease negotiation problems were just about the C.H.E. Café, when in reality they followed years of refusal by the administration to meet with students and supporters regarding the lease at issue.

Students and alumni are alarmed that the UCSD administration took the eviction action into court without the consent of the student body. The C.H.E. Cafe building is one of the complex of facilities on the campus which are funded by self-assessed student body fees, not UC Regents’ funds. Because of this distinct status as student-fee funded facilities, it is the policy of the UC Regents and of the UCSD administration that a student-controlled board has jurisdiction over space allocations to student organizations housed in the Student Center, the Price Center and the C.H.E. Cafe building. That board is the University Centers Advisory Board (UCAB), comprised of student representatives and non-voting representatives from the faculty and campus staff. The UCSD administration completely bypassed UCAB’s jurisdiction by filing the eviction lawsuit against the C.H.E. Cafe. The alleged “de-certification” action by the Graduate Student Association (“GSA”) that the Administration also relies on was equally flawed and is being challenged by the Collective in court.

Built in 1942, the C.H.E. Cafe building is one of the last of the original Camp Matthews, World War II era buildings still in use on the campus and also became the first student center on the new UCSD campus in 1966. UCSD administrators have claimed the building is “too old” to be worth maintaining and have stated in writing that they “may” save the murals on the building, if it is not “too expensive”. The muralists include a number of highly-respected local artists. Supporters want the building to have protected historic site designation.

Members of the University, San Diego, and art/music communities are also outraged that the entire public relations campaign the UCSD administration has waged against the C.H.E. Cafe has been based upon demonstrably false premises. There is no urgent fire safety issue. There is no repair or upgrade to the building which requires completion this year. There is no funding crisis because the Cafe generates most of its own essential operational revenues. One alumni, Monty Kroopkin, observed that “The UCSD administration has chosen the aggressive abandonment of reason and the sort of anti-collaborative, non-negotiation tactics we sometimes see when corporations engage in illegal union-busting campaigns.” Kroopkin is a former co-chair of the UCSD student government and a union shop steward.

The C.H.E. Cafe, for over 34 years, has been one of the only (some say the only) Safe Space for campus events. Rather than recognizing the invaluable contribution the Cafe’s Safe Space Policy has made to the lives of women, LGBTQ and other minority students, faculty, staff and community members – especially high school students — the UCSD administration is arrogantly threatening to destroy it.

All are invited to join the protest action.

See the students’ notice of the action at

* See enclosed electronic copies of online petitions and open letters. A hard copy of the additional paper petitions is available on request.


To read comments from supporters, show your support, and/or donate to the C.H.E., please visit:

Eviction Ruling Outrages Community

Sign our petition by clicking here.

Judge Rules on UC Regents’
Eviction Lawsuit
Against the CHE Cafe

SAN DIEGO – On Tuesday, October 21, 2014, at approximately 10:00 a.m., San Diego Superior Court Judge Katherine Bacal issued a ruling in favor of UCSD in the eviction lawsuit filed by the Regents of the University of California/UCSD at the behest of a select core of administrators (“Administration”) against the C.H.E. Café Collective over the use of the iconic 34-year old, vegan, student-controlled venue and creative space, the C.H.E. Café.

Upholding the Collective’s main legal theory, Judge Bacal rejected the Administration’s claim that the dispute resolution provisions of the lease did not apply to the termination at issue in this case. However, she also found there was insufficient evidence that a formal request for dispute resolution had been made by the Collective, thus permitting the Administration to terminate the lease at will. Yet, the Administration had acknowledged a request for dispute resolution had been made but had argued it was mooted by a previous lawsuit filed by the Collective that was later dismissed. In addition, the Collective was reassured in various conversations that it was protected by a ‘holdover status’ provision in the lease and that it did not need to worry about an eviction. Completely disregarding these earlier reassurances, the University filed its eviction lawsuit and argued in court that dispute resolution was never formally requested by the Collective. Ignoring the true facts and history of negotiations, the Administration was able to convince the Judge that the formal requirements for invoking dispute resolution had not been followed by the Collective, and the Court ultimately held that thus the Administration had a right to terminate the lease with the Collective.

“I am glad the judge sided with our position that the dispute resolution provision portion of the lease applied to this termination,” stated Bryan Pease, attorney for the Collective. “I am just a bit perplexed that the basis for ruling in favor of the University was lack of evidence that dispute resolution had been requested, when there was evidence before the Court that it had been, and when both parties addressed it in closing arguments. The University misled its own students throughout the last several years by consistently asserting that dispute resolution did not apply, and that the Collective did not need to formally request dispute resolution as part of the lease terms. Unfortunately, apparently applying the same tactics, the University was able to convince the Court that it had the right to evict the Collective at will.”

The Collective and its supporters are disappointed by the ruling which upholds the Administration’s unfounded attack on the San Diego artistic landmark, but vow to continue to maintain its existence and legacy. Preparation for a possible appeal of the ruling and other legal action will continue. Organizing protest activity and lobbying will also continue. The C.H.E. Cafe and supporters believe the student government councils and boards will do the right thing, once the true facts and history are laid bare. Likewise we believe that the Academic Senate and the State Legislature will be strongly opposed to the UCSD administration’s abuse of power, once they are fully familiar with the facts.

The Collective and its current supporters renew their request that the Administration return to the negotiating table toward a mutually-beneficial resolution to this dispute. The Collective invites any and all supporters to join it in DEMANDING that the Administration cease its attack and roll back the eviction process. We note that this is not the first time that the UCSD Co-ops have been threatened with completely unjustified evictions. On more than one occasion students have been compelled to physically occupy and sit-in at the Co-ops to block eviction attempts by the University.

To read comments from supporters, show your support, and/or donate to the C.H.E., please visit:


· The C.H.E. Café (originally “Cheap Healthy Eats”), founded in 1980, is a student-run, cooperative, vegan café, venue, and creative space, hosting hundreds of independent artists and musicians over its 34-year history. It is one of 4 student cooperatives on the campus of UCSD.

· UCSD’s Administration, ignoring the rights of students to control student fee-funded spaces, filed a lawsuit in court to evict the Café. The Administration’s bias against cooperatives, misunderstanding of the C.H.E. Café, and failure/refusal to work with students underlies its legal actions to force the Collective out of the student fee-funded space, despite years of good faith efforts by the Collective to comply with every directive of the Administration. The Collective has requested dispute resolution and negotiations with the Administration but has been rebuffed.

· The Collective is asking the Administration to come back to the negotiating table and stop the expensive student/public fee-funded legal offensive against the space.

· The Collective requests the help of the public at large and the San Diego art and music community to save the space and ensure that it is recognized and appreciated for the place it has in San Diego and UCSD history.


Despite receiving hundreds of emails, calls, and letters of support from UCSD students, alumni, faculty, staff, organized labor, and community members, as well as petitions signed by over 14,000 supporters following its Notice of Termination against the Collective, the Administration opted to use student and public funds to hurriedly evict the Collective in court. The lawsuit followed the Administration’s rejection of several good faith attempts by the collective to negotiate the issues and a proposed resolution.

The Administration argues that the 2006 Space Agreement between UCSD and the UCSD student/worker cooperatives, including the C.H.E., should be ignored. The agreement was intended to last through 2016, when the parties could then re-negotiate it. Instead, in late May when students were leaving for the summer, the University, along with members of the UCSD Graduate Student Association (“GSA”), secretly pushed through a flawed resolution “decertifying” the Collective, so the University could bypass the agreement.

It is estimated that UCSD has spent at least $76,000 in public and student funds on its high-paid outside attorneys, including the firm Kimball, Tirey, and St. John, who was recently replaced by the firm of Paul, Plevin, Sullivan & Connaughton LLP (“Paul, Plevin”). Paul, Plevin specializes in the aggressive defense of employers when sued by workers over discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, and wage & hour claims.

The attempted eviction is the latest in the ongoing historical attack on the Collective by the Administration, which not only refused to meet with students to discuss any issues related to the Café, but actively interfered with the C.H.E.’s ability to operate as a café, including blocking a $35,000 grant to the CH.E. by another student organization and cutting off the gas lines at the Café so it could no longer cook and sell food (a large part of its revenue). Despite these attacks, the Collective repeatedly requested meetings with the University administrators, but the Administration continued to ignore and/or rebuff attempts to work together.

The C.H.E. filed its own action against the University to challenge the alleged GSA decertification is considering other legal actions. Meanwhile, the C.H.E. continues to operate as it has since 1980, as a student-controlled, democratically-run space on campus for students to have a safe and alcohol-free atmosphere for entertainment and meetings.

Several fundraisers and other events have been planned, with more information to be released. Supporters continue to join the cause, not the least due to the hundreds of iconic artists and musicians who have been hosted over the years, including those listed below.


A short list of national and international indie acts who played the C.H.E. includes:
At the Drive-In, Blonde Redhead, Black Dice, Blink 182, Botch, Bright Eyes, Citizen Fish, Billy Corgan, Chumbawamba, the Descendents, Deerhoof, Dum Dum Girls, Green Day, Hella, Inside Out, Jawbreaker, Jets to Brazil, Jimmy Eat World, Lightning Bolt, Los Crudos, Mike Watt, No Age, Pennywise, Rise Against, Sleep, Subhumans, The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Get Up Kids, The (international) Noise Conspiracy, and Unwound, among many, many others.

A few of San Diego’s seminal artists that have been hosted by the C.H.E. include:
Album Leaf, Antioch Arrow, Aspects of Physics, Crossed Out, Clikatat Ikatowi, Crash Worship, Rob Crow, Diatribe, Drive Like Jehu, Gogogo Airheart, Heavy Vegetable, Heroin, Physics, Pinback, Pitchfork, Patricia Rincon Dance Collective, Rocket from the Crypt, Struggle, Swing Kids, Retox, The Black Heart Procession, The Locust, Three Mile Pilot, Mario Torero, and Weatherbox, among several others.


Ruling Today on Eviction

Thank you all who showed up at closing arguments in the UC Regents v. C.H.E. Cafe eviction trial on Thursday!
Quick update:
Judge Bacal heard closing arguments yesterday and was very detailed in her questioning of the attorneys.  By 11:30, closing arguments were finished.  The Judge wanted time to digest the arguments and evidence before issuing her ruling.


She will issue the ruling (eg, decide if the C.H.E. is evicted or not) on Tuesday, 10/21/14, at 9:00 a.m.
This would again be a good time for you to join us in court to show support for the C.H.E.  We are holding a news conference immediately following the ruling by Judge Bacal.

9:00 a.m.
330 W. Broadway, SD
Department 69 (Judge Katherine Bacal)
If you get lost or need more info feel free to text/call me: 323-578-9148 (cecilia)
Please remember that no matter what happens in court, the Collective and its supporters intend on continuing this struggle, and ultimately keeping the C.H.E. alive.

Closing Arguments Today, Che Eviction Trial

Still time to support the C.H.E. at court!

Judge set next court date for Wednesday, October 16, 2014, at 10:00 a.m.!
San Diego Superior Court, Dept. 69, 330 W. Broadway St., San Diego.

The Judge will likely give a ruling before 10:30.  If not, she will take her time to issue a written decision.

We are determined to work on getting reversals of all the harmful and wrongful decisions of UCAB, GSA and UCSD. We remember how many times students in the past had to physically occupy the co-ops to keep them alive and defend them against UCSD administration attempts to shut them down. Thousands of people have already stood up and been counted as supporters.
We Will Win!



Still time to support the C.H.E. at court!

Judge set next court date for Wednesday, October 15, 2014, at 9:00 a.m.!
San Diego Superior Court, Dept. 69, 330 W. Broadway St., San Diego.

The eviction trial should last 1-2 days, so supporting on Thursday is also helpful! Supporters encouraged to arrive by 8:30 to get through security at court. Remember parking around the area is tough.

We had a very animated group of more than 50 people on Friday and packed the court room. THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING OUT!

Let’s try for more people on Wednesday!

The C.H.E. must survive!

For more information see: Save the C.H.E.!

Funds still urgently needed so please consider donating at:

Sign our new petition by clicking here.


Petition to Stop the Eviction

You can sign our new petition by clicking here.
UCSD has filed a lawsuit seeking to evict the Che Cafe. The trial date is now set for October 15 & 16, 2014 in San Diego.
We’ve started a new petition to “THE UCSD ADMINISTRATION AND THE REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA” to drop the eviction proceedings and return to the negotiating table. Each online signature will be sent to the UC Board of Regents, the UCSD Chancellor, the UC President, all of the UCSD Vice Chancellors, the University Centers Director, the Graduate Students Council, the Associated Students Council, and the University Centers Advisory Board. We want ALL of them to get thousands of emails to stop the eviction!
We need your help with it.
Will you take 30 seconds to sign it right now? Here’s the link:
You can sign our new petition by clicking here.
Then, please spread the word. Forward/post to your social media and email lists. Tell people. The UCSD Student Co-ops have won all the many fights with the administration in the past. We will win this one too, with your help.
Che Cafe Support Network
p.s. – if the link to the petition doesn’t work for you, here’s the url:

We’re Fighting Eviction!

The Ché is still fighting to stay! We’re currently fighting an eviction by UCSD and the law firm it hired to kick us out! The Ché remains strong and was granted hearing for a preliminary injunction on October 31st (an event page will be created when more information is available and we will need as many supporters as possible to attend).

In the meantime, here are some things you can do to help.