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The Che Cafe Is Under Attack!

In early June, UCSD administrators asked the members of the Che Cafe to attend a meeting with them. They said the meeting had "no agenda," and was an "open-ended conversation about the Che Cafe's future." In reality, it was an ambush. At this meeting, the Che Cafe received a formal notice of eviction. There would be no negotiation or compromise, we have thirty days to vacate and that was that.

This notice, given on the Friday of finals week, was clearly timed so that students would be away for summer and unable to organize to support the Che Cafe. The UCSD slumlord administrators want to evict the Che, but we can fight back. This is the website of the Che Cafe Support Network; it contains the true facts about the eviction of the Che & how you can help support this invaluable community space.

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